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Traveling Lifestyle.

Suzanne is married professional golfer, Ricky Barnes, and accompanies him on tours whenever she can. Traveling with a toddler is challenging to say the least and Suzanne could write a book on expert tips as a globe-trotting mom. Her life can be a juggling act and she has learned how to adapt with confidence and grace to an “on-the-go” lifestyle.

Keeping your Skin Radiant this Winter

Starts by Following a healthy skincare regimen.

Exfoliate. This should always be the first step toward healing dry skin. Dead skin cells can, over time, build up and become unresponsive to lotions and creams. In order for your moisturizer to do its job, you must first get rid of this dead barrier. Supplement your daily cleansing with a gentle exfoliant scrub at least once a week. Regular exfoliation helps speed up cell renewal—and reveals radiant new skin—by removing the dead outermost layer with gentle exfoliating crystals two to three times a week.

Cleanse. Cleanse daily, but skip the drying soaps. Find cleansers that use natural “surfactants”, not chemical ones. Chemical cleansers can be the most damaging to the skin. My products use natural surfactants -– which won’t through off the balance of the water & lipid balance in your skin. Go natural, skip the chemicals. Signature23 botanical cleansing gel ,, uses sodium lauroyl sarcosinate – it’s derived from coconut oil, safe, skin-friendly, helps remove surface oil, but doesn’t strip your skin from its natural oils.

Moisturize! Mosturize!  AM and PM. Moisturizer is essential for your skin – so moisturize everyday. Mosturize is a lot more effective on properly exfoliated skin. It’s best to apply product when skin is slightly damp. Use SPF if you are in the sun. Prevent premature aging.  Go to your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes to find a good SPF.

Spritz often. Multi-purpose product. Spritz your skin prior to applying moisturizer –make sure to spritz your neck too. This will help seal in moisturize and leave your skin feeling great. Signature23 has hydrating elixirs for all skin types loaded with anti-oxidant. They help protect your skin from environmental factors such as – heat, pollution, free radicals etc.

Drink lots of water!! Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, help keep your skin and body properly hydrated in the desert. Carry a water bottle with you at all times.  Mix in Vita Coco water – all Natural Coconut water that’s good for your skin too. I also like to mix add a green tea bag to my water to boost my antioxidant intake.

Don’t forget your lips. Licking them won’t bring relief – it will only make them more dry and chapped. Keep your lips hydrated! Apply a moisturizing lip balm (Vaseline or aquaphor are great), especially before bed.